Diode Laser Epilation

  • Sapphire LS-1200
  • Sapphire LS-1200
  • Sapphire LS-1200
  • Sapphire LS-1200
  • Sapphire LS-1200
  • Sapphire LS-1200
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Sapphire LS-1200

We restore the softness that one day we all had. A hairless skin

Discover us in less than 4 minutes.

In this video you will understand why today more than 500 centers * ( *Updated in December 2016 )  depilated with LS-1200. A diode laser that offer an easy customization, a comfortable and lightweight handpiece, ergonomic and with easy movement, with refined aesthetics and especially solvent and effective.


  • Diode Laser with High Power. 1.200W 200A.
  • Made in Spain entirely
  • Technical service in Bulgaria


We manufacture all our diode laser in Spain, offering technical support with answer in 72H in the country.

R+D+I Bulgaria

Present in all its technology

Its technology makes it unique, 1.200W and 200A. We eliminate the capacitors and give energy directly and immediately reducing the time of loading and downloading that produce significantly lost of power. Sapphire LS-1200 is really powerful to offer ways of working in short and long pulses or burst mode (FDP) in the two modes of pulses.

Its cooling system inside the computer allows you to maintain a working temperature of -10 ° C, so the comfort, protection and little sense of pain is perceived by the end client. Sapphire LS-1200 does not have any deposit or external element, making it easy to transport or relocate.

It depilate in all kind of skin and hair. It works in short pulses of 15 and 30 milliseconds, below the time of thermal relaxation of the hair, achieving a thermal damage in the germinative cells that cause the hair growth. The efficacy is maintained in skins with high density of melanin, in which we must work in long pulses, from 100 to 400 milliseconds.

Why should you buy a Sapphire diode laser?


Book a day with us and you can taste in your business our diodo Laser without any compromise.


We offer you a firm commitment in marketing, training and technical.

Warranty and after sales

You will be calm with us, without any surprises

Sapphire LS-1200

The diode laser that you were expecting.

Efficiency and solvency. Profit and profitability

Guaranteed Satisfaction. All the great innovations that incorporates LS-1200 are solvent. Innovations are offered in an effective laser, tested to 100%.

Confident of our laser. We are confident with our laser so we provide our own financing and a guarantee of 10 million of shots.

  • High power and amperage 1.200W / 200A..
  • 6 diodes Germans.
  • Working temperature untill -7ºC
  • Pulses and configurable powers.
  • Optimal spot for multizone performance.
  • Intelligent software with remote access. .*
  • * Opcional characteristic