Diode Laser Epilation

Why you should buy a diode Sapphire Laser?

For its demonstration

Because seeing our diode laser hair removing, you will understand the 20 main reasons that comment our professionals about Sapphire LS-1200.

  • 1Powerful: With 1200W real and 200 A.
  • 2Fast: With a scanning speed from 1Hz to 15Hz mode.
  • 3Effective: Removes completely the hair.
  • 4Versatile : Suitable for all kind of skin , even black.
  • 5Solvent: R & D & I Spanish, tested and guaranteed.
  • 6Security: It Allows adjustments to customize treatment in each situation.
  • 7Welfare guaranteed: By the icy chill head.
  • 8Cost Effective: Top performance, amortization monthly.
  • 9Comfortable: A single unit without any tanks or external elements..
  • 10Intelligent Software with remote monitoring option.
  • 11Modern and robust design, , suitable for transport.
  • 12The lightest equipment in market, only 32 kg.
  • 13Personalized use simple, intuitive and comfortable.
  • 14Warranty 1 year or 10,000,000 shots.
  • 15Trusted: Tested to 100% without the usual breakdowns and technical stops.
  • 16Handpiece with larger spot and with a lower weight than usual.
  • 17Made in Spain with national technical support.
  • 18International Innovation Award at the International Exhibition Look.
  • 19Financing without any bank intermediation.
  • 20No consumables or maintenance.



For its support

In sapphire we believe in a customer relationship beyond the sale of a laser, so we implement strong marketing support programs and training that will be accessible during the period that you hair remove with your Sapphire laser.

For its after sales and warranty

Investing in Sapphire is investing in tranquility and profitability. And we are so confident of our solvency, that we offer the only guarantee able to cover 10 million shots in your new diode laser.

We invite you to visit our factory in Valladolid and even pick up your laser in our own offices.

In Sapphire everything is as we say, and not everybody can say the same.